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Maybe not the best hosting company to host your Magento, Expression Engine, or Joomla website but if you are working with a WordPress website these guys are probably your best choice. WP Engine not only specializes in WordPress Hosting but that is the only Hosting they do, they are a Managed WordPress Host. Their package prices are a little more than what some people expect to spend but like the old saying “You Pay For What You Get.”

The majority of WordPress sites that are hosted on the web are from Shared Hosting Accounts. Now we are not saying that is a bad thing but you really have to consider a couple reasons why you shouldn’t be on shared hosting.

  • Speed
  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Support
  • Tools
  • Price

With a shared hosting account you get a great price but are really limited in areas that matter. For instance over the past couple years WordPress has become the go to CMS (Content Management System). With the increase in use you get more and more hackers. Well that comes down to how good is your websites security. Do you know how secure your site is? Because WP Engine is a managed host they provide all of your security needs. If you have a plugin that is not secure they will let you know. If your theme has parts that are not secure they will let you know. Besides letting you know, they will even help you through their amazing support staff.

WP Engine Pricing

WP Engine does not have the cheapest prices for hosting. Their packages start at $29 per month and ending at a contact us for price. Now what does that mean. Well that means if you have a WordPress site that is getting Millions of visitors per day and needs a ton of disk space, bandwidth, memory, and more they can make a package for you. Or if your site only needs the minimum amount they can do that also. If for some reason you need to up your limits it is extremely simple just contact their excellent support staff.

Perks To WP Engine Hosting

One of the things that WP Engine has that most do not is a staging area. Some people might think what is that and why would I need it. Well it is a duplicate of your website that you can experiment on without your visitors see what you are doing. So if you need to make a template change, change your template completely, or even test a new plugin. This staging area can do it with your actual sites information but not make it permanent. So if you don’t like the changes just scrap them and start again. This is by far one of the coolest things that comes with your WP Engine account but they do offer a ton of other amazing tools.

What WP Engine Had To Say

“WP Engine provides tools like a staging area and automatic nightly backups of your site in case you ever need to restore your site. We also have git for version control. WP Engine starts at just $29 a month. Visit to learn more and sign up today! Choosing the right hosting for YOUR WordPress!”

Host Info Hub would definitely recommend any WordPress website to be hosted by WP Engine not only because that is what they do but the vast amount of stuff they provide. It is kind of like getting your teeth cleaned. Do you go to the dentist or the chiropractor? I hope you don’t go to the chiropractor for your WordPress Hosting.

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WP Engine, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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