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GlowHost is one of the premium hosting providers that has been around for quite a long time, just passing the decade marks in 2012. GlowHost is known for their managed hosting plans and the fact that they have what almost every personal and/or business website would need. Glow host offers managed, shared, dedicated, VPS, reseller, cloud, media, and other hosting options. GlowHost has very competitive pricing from around $5 a month shared hosting to around $130 managed dedicated servers.

Shared and Cloud Hosting

GlowHost’s shared hosting accounts range from around $5 to $18 a month. They offer unlimited disk space, unlimited domains, and unlimited monthly transfer depending on the package you choose. All shared accounts come with the popular and easy to use Control Panel cPanel. Also because the shared account use cPanel you can use simple scripts to install the most popular CMS’s and scripts on the web.

GlowHost’s cloud hosting accounts are virtual dedicated servers. These range in price from around $75 to $175 a month. All packages come with CentOS Linux as a managed operating system and for a unmanaged operating system you choose. The stats of the packages range from 4.8GHz to 14.4GHz CPU, 15GB to 60GB SAN storage, 1GB to 4GB of RAM/Memory, 2 IP addresses (can get more), and unlimited 10Mbps transfer and 500Gigs at 100Mbps.

For your bigger/enterprise jobs you can get GlowHost’s enterprise cloud servers. These packages range from around $200 to $600 a month. There are tons of options and customizations on all the packages.

Dedicated Servers

GlowHost’s dedicated servers range in price from around $125 to $375 a month. All these accounts come with unlimited transfer on a 100Mbps Burstable bandwidth connection. You can go with managed or unmanaged dedicated servers. The packages go from 4 cores 3.1GHz processors to 8 cores 2.4GHz. The RAM/Memory goes from 2GB DDR2 to 6GB DDR3. The servers hard drives range from 500GB to 1TB. But probably the best part is all account come with 5 IPs and you can get more.

What GlowHost Had To Say

“What Makes GlowHost So Special Anyway?

GlowHost just might be the best web hosting provider that you may have never heard of. For over a decade, the company’s unique approach to web hosting has resulted in an extremely well-oiled machine that has been the invisible backbone for hundreds of thousands of domains worldwide. GlowHost specializes in extremely reliable, affordable web hosting plans for individuals, businesses, and enterprise hosting operations of all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life and nearly every country and continent on the planet.

By the way, GlowHost’s in-house Technical Team shares hundreds of years of combined hosting expertise, which is at your disposal day or night, holiday or weekends, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, holidays included. GlowHost maintains top-notch staffing guidelines, and our motto is training, training and more training to provide the best possible hosting experience for our valued customers.

GlowHost offers a 91 day money back guarantee, so try GlowHost today and see how good web hosting was meant to be.”

What Host Info Hub Thinks

Like most hosting companies GlowHost keeps a very competitive price range. What make them a great hosting choice is the fact that they have been around for a long time in a very competitive market. GlowHost seems to understand that in the hosting/web market you have to stay at the top with your equipment and software/scripts. The fact that GlowHost has everything that a personal or company site needs to grow is a great thing. As your reputation and business grows you can just change packages and get help from GlowHost Support to change everything over but don’t have to transfer to a different company. One of the amazing things that GlowHost offers is the 91 day money back guarantee. GlowHost strives to give the best guarantee for hosting.

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GlowHost, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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