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Hosting website since 2000 and a customer base of over 500,000, Doteasy can host your mobile application, website, e-commerce store, and more. Doteasy started their service with their banner-free free domain-based business web hosting. At the time in 2000 you could not find a company doing this and even today you can not find many that do it as good as these guys. They make it simple for you to use their free hosting plan but if you need to move to a paid plan it is just a click or call away. These guys have an amazing support staff that is around 24/7/365. They use the top of the line technology, hardware, and a state of the art data center. They have everything from free hosting to dedicated hosting.

Doteasy Shared Hosting

Doteasy offers multiple different kinds of shared hosting account. They have a Basic, Ultra, Unlimited, Ultra Windows, and Unlimited Windows. Each one of these packages come with their own unique perks and limitations. Each package contract can be paid monthly, every 3 months, and yearly/multiple year. These packages start at around $4 per month to $25 per month and of course if you purchase multiple months/years you get some great discounts. Every shared hosting account get a control panel. For Linux you get cPanel and for Windows you get Ensim. Every package comes with a free website creator. Besides your basic package, you get tons of stuff including domains, databases, scripts, and much more.

Doteasy Cloud Hosting

There are three different packages to choose from with Doteasy’s Cloud Hosting. These packages range from $39-$99 per month. You get at least 1 unique ip with every package and up to 4 ip’s. Every cloud package can be use as a reseller account. Each package is equipped with cPanel, specified bandwidth, disk space, and much more.

Doteasy Managed Hosting

You may upgrade your shared hosting account to a managed hosting account to get a bunch of perks. This service costs around $30 per month. You get a ton of additional features including simple upgrading of multiple popular scripts, toll free phone support, script debugging, SSL, and more. So if you want a website that you do not have to maintain you can upgrade your shared hosting to the managed hosting.

Host Info Hub’s Review Of Doteasy

As far as a customer friendly hosting company Doteasy has a great setup. If you just want to setup a website and get a feel for what it take to run a website, they offer a free service with limitations but it can be updated at anytime. We have worked with ton of different hosting companies and client website but do not see that many hosting companies that offer free hosting and great customer support. If you are looking to get your business on the net but do not have the money to pay for hosting or a developer/design you should check these guys out. They can get you going in the right direction and make it easy for you to upgrade your account.

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Rating: 5.0/10 (2 votes cast)
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Doteasy, 5.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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