A VPS or Virtual Private Server uses a physical computer to make a virtual machine which is provided by a hosting company. A Virtual Private Server runs as software on a physical computer with other customers virtual machines. Because of the functionality of a VPS it is considered as a completely separate physical computer. The VPS dedicated to the individual needs of the customer but keeps the privacy of a separate computer. Most VPS’s can be configured to run whatever server side software the customer wants.

VPS is a fast growing service offered by hosting companies they may call it virtual private server hosting or virtual dedicated server hosting. Most companies offer this as a extension to their hosting services. Most hosting companies offer managed VPS’s and unmanaged VPS’s. The hard part with the unmanaged is you are the only administrator and have to do everything. Most companies that offer VPS set limits on how much bandwith, diskspace, RAM and more you are able to use per month. Below are a few companies that offer VPS hosting.

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