There is no one name that can match WordPress across the world, when we talk about blogging. The day WordPress has released, it has taken the world by storm. Blogging has become a profession as well as passion for some people. Therefore, if you are a new blogger, who wants to do his best, then I would suggest you to use WordPress. But for this you need an excellent web hosting service, which provide you security, speed and integration with WordPress.
WordPress CMS is efficient on web servers. It provides stability and security to the site. Most of the reputed companies, mobile companies such as HTC run on WordPress. There are some of the special requirements to run your WordPress blog smoothly. It is important to follow the 3S rule- Speed, Security and scaling ability. These three things a user must search when they want a WordPress host.

Specifications of WordPress:

WordPress is a content management System which is very light weight. It is compatible with all the web host providers and requires very low specifications. Here are the minimum requirements for WordPress blog:

WordPress Hosting Requirements:

  1. MySQL 5.0 or higher
  2. PHP 5.2.4 or higher

These requirements are very basic and are fulfilled by most of the hosting companies.

Types of WordPress Blog Hosting:

  1. Shared WordPress Blog Hosting
  2. WordPress VPS hosting
  3. WordPress dedicated hosting
  4. WordPress managed hosting

Shared WordPress Hosting: This is the basic kind of Blog Hosting service and is very popular as most of the blogs use this. The word shared means that these packages of blog hosting use the resources which are shared by more than one website. These companies provide affordable prices to their customers as they have a large resource and registered domains. The main point here is that, the WordPress blog hosting providers that run shared hosting offer unlimited resources. The word unlimited here is just a myth. The companies restrict the resources to all the websites separately and if you use more than the amount, then the company takes measures regarding the same. If you are looking for a new and a fresh blogger, then you must go for Shared WordPress Hosting.

WordPress VPS hosting: VPS stands for Virtual Private Servers and are the physical server partitions. These partitions are sold out to various customers. It is a server with lower amount resource and is not shared but is a dedicated server. It is a large server, which is partitioned to the customers or users according to their requirements. The customer who purchases the VPS server is given a fixed resource. You can choose the amount of space, amount of RAM and other things required for server. The bloggers who are intermediate and get medium amount of traffic on their blogs must try WordPress VPS hosting.

WordPress Dedicated hosting: It is an ultimate type of WP hosting. In this type of hosting, the customer gets a fully fledged powerful server for only one domain. For this you have to get a server manager also and if you are a fresher or a beginner to blogging, then I would suggest you to not try WordPress dedicated hosting because in the dedicated server, you have to manage all your servers personally. If you have been in blogging for long time period, and get huge amount of traffic on your blog, then the WordPress dedicated hosting is best for you.
Conclusion: You need to be very clear about the choice of WordPress blog hosting. Therefore choose it according the situation of traffic on your blog.

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