As the world of the web is growing fast there is one Content Management System that is the most popular by a big margin. WordPress originally just a blogging platform but emerging as the most dominant CMS being used on the web. Some of the things that make WordPress popular are the amount of people who use is and the type of people who are using it. Let alone it is a free open source CMS, so anyone can use it, it is being used by some of the most influential companies, celebrities, athletes, and others. What better than having a system that you can say is being used by millions of websites and many important websites.

Popularity List

Just to give you some insight about the popular people and companies that are using this CMS, we have made a short list for you to look over:

  1. Jay-Z
  2. Katy Perry
  3. Kimberly Caldwell
  4. Sylvester Stallone
  5. Perez Hilton
  6. Ford
  7. Andy Roddick
  8. Harward University
  9. Startup Weekend
  10. Ebay
  11. Yahoo
  12. Bing
  13. Wall Street Journal
  14. Sony
  15. People Magazine
  16. Samsung
  17. Playstation
  18. The New York Times
  19. Mozilla
  20. CNN
  21. Flickr
  23. Ben & Jerry
  24. cPanel
  25. General Electric (GE)
  26. Tyson Gay
  27. Koby Bryant
  28. Usain Bolt
  29. Gabby Douglas
  30. Alex Ovechkin

That is just 30 popular people and companies, everything from Olympians to Browsers. There are many more WordPress websites than that, around 20% of all new websites use WordPress. Of the Alexa top 1 million around 15% are WordPress. At free blogs have surpassed 50 million. WordPress 3.2 was downloaded 500,000 times and now we are on WordPress 3.4.2 and moving to WordPress 3.5 shortly.

What You Get From WordPress?

Let alone you get an amazingly simple to use CMS, you get a very community driven CMS. There are no other CMS’s with the amount of community/self employed/freelance web developers and designers as WordPress has. With that if you want to do it more than likely there is a plugin for that. If you are not a designer and don’t want to spend a ton of money on a web design and developer to build your website, there is a theme for that. If you are looking for a freelance WordPress web developer you will find that there are many of options. Said by Matt Mullenweg in 2011 “6,800 self-employed respondents were responsible for over 170,000 sites personally, and charged a median hourly rate of $50.” So if you are looking for a WordPress developer you can get one for not a ton of money to help you build your custom website.

Issue’s That WordPress Has Had

In the past WordPress has been known for it’s security issues. Most notably the implementation of timthumb into a ton of its themes. Well WordPress has taken it upon its self to make WordPress more secure with daily security checks into its plugins and themes directory. What this means is that if the plugin or theme does not pass the security test it is taken down and has to be updated to fix the security issue. The other great thing is that even though timthumb is a great script it is not being used as much because of the security issues that it has had and now the built in WordPress featured images is being used more.

WordPress Hosting Solutions

What you would expect with WordPress become so popular, almost every hosting company offers WordPress as a option. Most hosting companies do a great job with WordPress and have a auto install script for their users. But there are a few hosting companies that stand out from the rest in our mind.

Please we ask that if you have a current host or you are looking for a host check out our Reviews. Also leave your rating and if you have the time submit a review. If you are a hosting company and would like to see your hosting company on our list above please contact us and convince us why you should be part of the list. For all our customers if you have any questions about who you should go with please contact us with your concerns and we can help you figure out who would be the best for you.

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