Green Hosting also known as Eco-friendly hosting. Hosting that uses green technology to reduce its environment impact. This is becoming one of the more sought after ways to host. Most green hosting companies use renewable energy means to power there data centers. This could be through solar, wind, water, or other reusable energy means. Green hosting companies try to use energy efficient appliances and equipment. One of the greatest things that most Green Hosting companies do is give back to the environment by planting trees and grass.

Hosting is growing extremely rapid, in the US alone hosting equipment cost $2.7 billion a year and $7.2 billion worldwide. In an industry that has not slowed since it started, web hosting is growing at a rate that by 2020 it will overtake the airline industry in pollution. With the fast growing web industry green hosting has emerged and is becoming popular, this will help to combat the high amount of pollution being created by hosting.

You can find quite a few hosting companies that are trying to become green. Here is a list of some of them:

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