Free Web Hosting is obviously the cheapest way to go when trying to get a website hosted. However being the cheapest your options are also the most constricted. Most providers of free web hosting will not allow the websites they are hosting to be porn sites or sites with scripts that will harm the server. There are also file size limits commonly associated with the service.

Other Restrictions

There are several other limitations that come with using a free web hosting service. They will more than likely disapprove of file or image sharing sites where there is no web page. For this reason hot linking, remote linking, inclusion of many image, and media files are prohibited.


Free web hosting services will usually come with advertising support. These providers will also usually include a free subdomain or directory. They do rarely allow separately-purchased domains. The free host may operate as a domain name registrar. Some of these companies provide free third level domains with DNS and other facilities.

Hosting List

Below is a list of some of the many free web hosting companies.

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