This is a type of data center where you end up renting space and bandwidth. Colocation facilities offer space, cooling, power, security, storage, and network equipment. Did I mention that security is normally physical. Yes actual security guards. This type of solution is becoming a favorite for the mid level companies in the IT industry.

Most Colocation building are 50,000 to 100,000 square feet. They include lockable rack cabinets or cages, power formats AC/DC, network connectivity, cooling, monitoring, and security. Colocation Center’s are a great way to grow your small to mid sized business because it give you a great means to scale out. Many web hosting companies are part of Colocation Center’s because it takes a lot of the over head away from the company. Because you rent the equipment you do not have to replace broken or faulty equipment. This make it nice on the hosting company because then they can focus more time on their customers.