This type of web hosting spreads the load of hosting across multiple machines in order to limit the amount of services affecting each other.  For instance FTP, email, MySQL, and more.  There are a ton of websites that run on clustered hosting solutions.  Many large forum’s will tend to run with multiple frontend and backend servers.  In cluster hosting you take away a ton of the limitation that a single machine has.  Cluster hosting really helps with capacity from traffic and bursts of traffic.  Instead of relying on one machine to handle all the load, the multiple machines handle the load by load balancing.

One of the best things with using a Cluster instead of single server hosting is that single server has to reboot periodically.  Well this doesn’t mean that cluster hosting doesn’t have to reboot but it can do one machine at a time. That way the other machines can take the load from the one machine that is rebooting.  Cluster hosting really brings hosting to the sought after 99.999% up time that every website aims for.  Cluster hosting is similar to cloud hosting where you can use resources from multiple machines at one time.