If you are new to WordPress or have been using it since it came out you must look into these WordPress plugins because they will help your website in many different ways. You will gain everything from traffic, time management, links, comments, security, and more. These are just our top 10 WordPress plugins that you should think of using but there are main more depending on what your website/s need. Check out the list below and if you have any suggestions we would love your input. These are listed in no particular order.

1) WordPress SEO by Yoast

If you are looking for a great SEO WordPress plugin this is the one you need to consider. We have used All In One SEO and a bunch of the other great plugins but nothing compares to this when is comes to all around SEO. This plugin make it easy to add some of the more important meta information like description, title, keywords(if you use them), alexa, google webmasters, and more. This plugin even offers some advanced options like being able to redirect any created page. The best part about this plugin is it is built by a guy/company that only works with SEO. SO you know they know what they are talking about and I would encourage you to follow Yoast’s blog for updates on best SEO practice because he shares some great information.

Download the plugin: WordPress SEO

2) Jet Pack by WordPress.com

Probably one of the most used WordPress plugins recently. Jet Pack allows you to connect to WordPress.com and all of there vast followers. This plugin gives you access to a ton of really great plugins that WordPress.com has offered to its customers. They have everything from Contact Forms, Gravatars, Mobile, Spelling, Backup, and much more.

Download the plugin: Jet Pack

3) Contact Form 7

If you are looking for a really simple contact form this is the one for you. With the ability to create as many forms as you want and to customize them. If you are going to use this WordPress plugin you would have to deactivate the Jet Pack contact from part because it uses the contact form 7 plugin but with less customizations.

Download the plugin: Contact Form 7

4) Disqus Comment System

Keeping your visitors in constant communication and commenting on everything you post is a huge part to having a blog. This WordPress plugin will help you get to that point quicker. Disqus is used by a ton of website and allows you to create a free account in order to comment everywhere with one account. What a better way to give your visitor the ability to not have to setup a account but keep track of their comments.

Download the plugin: Disqus Comment System

5) SEO Smart Links

Building links to your WordPress blog is one of the best ways to get seen. Now this does not mean you have to only build external links. You really need both external and internal links. How do you think that big websites keep visitors on their sites for so long, it is with their internal linking. This WordPress plugin allows you to specify how many links it creates per page/post. What it does is takes your pages/posts and checks all the pages and posts for your titles. If it finds the titles it links the pages/posts. You can also add your own words for linking to whatever website you want for external and internal links.

Download the plugin: SEO Smart Links

6) SEO Friendly Images

This WordPress plugin is created by the same author as SEO Smart Links and is also very useful in SEO. This plugin checks for missing alt and title tags on your images and will auto place them if they are missing. So all of your images will have alt and title tags and that is great for SEO.

Download the plugin: SEO Friendly Images

7) ManageWP

This is by far one of the best kept secrets for people that manage WordPress sites. Instead of having to log into multiple WordPress accounts to upgrade your WordPres plugins, WordPress installs, and WordPress themes you can do it all in one place. So if you want to save some time to manage multiple website check these guys out with a free account. With their premium account you can do everything from track seo, track analytics, backup, transfer, and much more.

Check out the plugin: ManageWP

8) Social Metrics

Social bookmarking can take a ton of time and everyone wants to see what they get for their labors well what is better than doing it all in one place. You can submit and track your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, and Digg. They do offer a premium WordPress plugin with more options.

Download the plugin: Social Metrics

9) Broken Link Checker

What is worse then a broken link? Well that is not knowing about the broken link. This can look really bad for SEO. It is not good to link to a page that might not exist. This WordPress plugin helps in the finding of broken links and allows you to change them right there.

Download the plugin: Broken Link Checker

10) BulletProof Security

Over the past couple years WordPress has grown in popularity quite fast and this has create a abundant amount of WordPress hackers. Now we are not going to say that this is going to stop hackers from getting into your site but it will help protect you. This plugin is a necessity for all WordPress site.

Download the plugin: BulletProof Security

Well that is our top 10 and might not be yours but we hope that this list will help you and bring you more traffic, security, links, time and more. If you find even one of these plugins useful we have done our job and hope that you can let us know. If you would like to see a different plugin on this list please leave a comment of what it is and why it should be there. We will look it over and consider using it on our website.

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